Poke, sashimi, ceviche: Summer’s light, no-cook dish

By Evan Kleiman

Fresh tuna poke is a Hawaiian staple. Photo by Shutterstock.

During hot months, eating light often means eating raw fish. Its yielding texture and generally mild flavor makes it a welcome break from cooked dishes that often sit heavier on the stomach. Plus, if you make your own, there is no heat used in preparation.

The Mexican dish aguachile features raw shrimp “cooked” in lime juice, seasoned with salt and cilantro. Photo by Shutterstock.

In Southern California, the raw fish selection is enormous, whether you prefer to eat it simply plain or adorned with a variety of condiments. The number of cuisines represented amidst this bounty is our strong suit. Italian crudo is a simple slice or two of the freshest fish, drizzled with great olive oil and maybe lemon juice. Colorful plates or bowls of Japanese sashimi can be found all over the city. Toss that sashimi in shoyu and sesame oil with any number of additions, and you have the Hawaiian seasoned poke. South America and Mexico bring ceviche and aguachile to the table. 

In ceviche, the fish is “cooked” in acidic citrus juices. Photo by Shutterstock.

Below is a sampling from listeners who once again chimed in with some of their favorite places to go.

Seafood markets: 

-Fish King

-The Joint
Sherman Oaks

Echo Park

-Pearson’s Port
Orange County


-Coni Seafood
Inglewood, serving ceviches and aguachile

-La Cevicheria
LA, serving ceviche and aquachile

Echo Park, serving Nikkei Peruvian seafood

Hollywood, serving ceviche

-Mariscos Jaliscos
LA various locations, serving fish cocktails

-The Brothers Sushi
Woodland Hills

East Hollywood, serving sashimi