‘Master’ is intelligent combo of ‘Get Out’ and ‘Dear White People,’ says critic

Regina Hall and Amber Gray star in “Master.” Courtesy of Amazon Studios.

Critics review new movie releases: “Deep Water,” about a wealthy husband who lets his wife cheat so they can avoid a divorce, then he comes the main suspect when her lovers disappear; “Cheaper by the Dozen,” about a blended family of 12 people who juggle their home life and family business, starring Gabrielle Union and Zach Braff; “Umma,” about a Korean immigrant who lives on a U.S. farm with her daughter, and their lives get disrupted when the cremated ashes of her estranged mom arrive; “Alice,” about an enslaved woman in the antebellum South who escapes her plantation; and “Master,” about Black women who go through similar experiences at a mainly white college in New England.