‘Halloween Kills’ is juvenile and ‘textbook example of franchise fatigue,’ says critic

“Halloween Kills” is the latest installment in the franchise starring Jamie Lee Curtis. Credit: Universal Pictures/YouTube.

Critics review “The Last Duel,” a medieval epic with an added #MeToo plotline that explores life as a woman in the 14th century; “Introducing, Selma Blair,” a documentary that follows the actress after her diagnosis with multiple sclerosis in 2018; “Needle in a Timestack,” a John Ridley flick that tries to combine time travel and romance; “Halloween Kills,” the 12th movie in the Halloween franchise starring Jamie Lee Curtis. 



  • Shawn Edwards - award-winning film critic for FOX-TV in Kansas City, co-founder of the African American Film Critics Association
  • Christy Lemire - writer for RogerEbert.com and co-host of the podcast Breakfast All Day - @christylemire