Residents of color feel left out of West Adams’ transformation

Abdul Jamal Sheriff owns Holiday Liquor on West Adams Boulevard. Holiday Liquor has been under an order from the city’s attorney office to mitigate gang activity around the store since 2020. Photo by Stella Kalinina for Bloomberg Businessweek.

Long-term residents of West Adams, a historically Black and Latino neighborhood, say they don’t fit into one real estate firm’s vision for making the area trendier.  

Thirteen states have laws that would restrict abortion access if Roe v. Wade is overturned. Utah would severely limit the situations where someone could get the procedure. 

Although countless people travel to California for abortion services each year, the state’s own residents don’t all have easy access to abortions.

TV has lied about abortion, says researcher Tanya Melendez. “The overarching lie was that it is a debatable moral issue only, and that agency is taken away from the women main characters.”