Michelle Yeoh on proving her worth, staying in top shape

“As I was watching them do the amazing martial arts … it just clicked. … This is like a huge musical piece — the rhythm, the tempo, people moving … with each other and for each other. And it was all choreographed. And it was about precision and timing. And I thought, ‘I can try it, right?’” says Michelle Yeoh. Credit: Courtesy of A24.

“I am physically very fit at the moment,” says Michelle Yeoh, who’s nearly age 60. She shares how she became an action movie star, and why her latest role is the heroine she’s long waited for.

Both Deaf and hearing performers will bring Beethoven’s only opera, “Fidelio,” to life this week. The LA Phil is collaborating with Deaf West Theatre. 

Comedian Gilbert Gottfried, 67, died on Tuesday of myotonic dystrophy. KCRW reairs an interview with him about the 2017 documentary “Gilbert.”

More than a dozen LA gangs are targeting wealthy people wearing expensive watches, jewelry, and handbags in “follow-home robberies.”