What’s driving more Venezuelan migrants to US?

Asylum-seeking migrants, mostly from Venezuela, climb up an embankment after crossing the Rio Grande to El Paso, Texas, U.S. as seen from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, September 19, 2022. Photo by REUTERS/Paul Ratje.

More Venezuelans are fleeing their home country to the U.S., and they’ve become pawns in a political fight between Republican governors and Democratic mayors.

When seeing a doctor, each diagnosis, procedure, and service has a code. Those labels and classifications affect what insurance will pay for, but they haven’t kept up with transgender care.

During one of Donald Trump’s recent rallies, he appeared to embrace QAnon, a fringe movement that combines conspiracy theories, putting Trump at the center as an almost Messiah-like figure.

Key to the perfect tortilla is the dough — masa. Jorge Gaviria has a new book out about the history of the ingredient, which he considers one of the greatest human inventions.