How sex transformed the internet and vice versa

“These [porn] sites are designed … to keep you on the site. … That's a … really harmful attitude toward design. … A lot of the most amazing things about the internet are connecting with people, and then getting off the internet and meeting them in real life, or exploring your interests and then bringing them back to that community,” says Samantha Cole. Photo by Shutterstock.

Author Samantha Cole explains how a Playboy centerfold became the standard for image processing, porn sites show innate human problems, and A.I. is developing faster than people can grasp.

California is projected to see a $22 billion budget deficit this year, so Gov. Gavin Newsom is proposing big cuts to the state’s climate and transportation programs.

The FAA delayed some 7,000 flights this morning after it experienced a tech glitch. The incident comes after tens of thousands were stranded over the holidays.

New York Congresswoman Elise Stefanik campaigned as a moderate millennial, but now she’s gone full Trump, with nods to QAnon and racist conspiracy theories.