How abortion became the only political issue that mattered in 1990s

“What the movement had done so well is that it had entered very particular, intimate spaces of people's lives like churches, homes, schools, and convinced them that this was not only an important political issue, but the only political issue. And so by the late 1990s, they have a constituency of Americans for whom this is the only issue that matters,” says history professor Jennifer Holland. Photo by Shutterstock.

Abortions were considered common in the 19th century. How did the medical procedure become so politicized today? 

How abortion plays out in the Supreme Court and California — and how Democrats respond to it — will drive voters to the midterm polls and inform their decisions, says Politico’s Jeremy White.

Comedian Ziwe says her show is “uncomfortable conversations with iconic people.” She likes to “play up that chaos,” asking guests about race, politics, gender, culture, and class.

A portrait of Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol sold for a record-breaking $195 million. But that’s not his best work, says New York Times art critic Blake Gopnik.