Ads galore, low awareness: Most don’t seem to care about CA primary

A voter information booklet for the 2022 American primary elections is displayed in Lafayette, California, May 6, 2022. “They might not realize that if one of the [LA mayoral] candidates gets to 50% on Tuesday, then there is no general election. You can win a mayoral contest by getting 50% plus one in the primary, and then it's over,” explains Paul Mitchell, vice president of Political Data Inc. Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Sipa USA.

Tuesday is the last day to vote in the California primary, and 13% of registered voters have returned a ballot so far. KCRW looks at who’s voted, and who’s leading the race for LA mayor.

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Here’s what to watch for during the first televised hearing of the House committee on the January 6 insurrection on the U.S. Capitol. 

LAUSD is facing teacher shortages, dropped enrollment, learning loss, and questions about policing. Who is running for the school board, and how might their decisions affect students and staff?  

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