Inside a Wikipedia Editathon

When you search Google for “George Washington” or “semiconductor,” the Wikipedia entry is the first thing that comes up. That shouldn't be too surprising - Wikipedia is the seventh most visited website in the world. About 100 million Americans visit every month. The problem is that the people who create Wikipedia pages are overwhelmingly young, white and male. An array of “editathons” have popped up to diversify Wikipedia’s content.  Press Play producer Matt Holzman attended a recent “Art and Feminism” editathon, and reports from the scene. He also spoke to a female artist about her new Wikipedia page, which came out of the event.

East of Borneo's Stacey Allan shows a group of volunteers the basics of editing Wikipedia.

It is what it is.

Volunteer Penny Richards is creating Wiki entries for artists who've won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Women’s Caucus for Art.

Penny's shirt is hilarious...if you know about editing Wikipedia.

Books with post-its for research.

Folders filled with research about women artists who don't have Wiki entries.

Volunteers editing Wikipedia.

The list of volunteers and the artists they're creating posts for.