Tracking donations to Trump and Biden campaigns via California zip codes

Ahead of the presidential debate tonight, Californians have shown a clear preference for Democratic nominee Joe Biden both in the polls and in donations. Biden has so far raised more than $105 million in California, a deep blue state. President Trump has also raised about $61 million here. And more than one-third of that cash came from LA County. The LA Times analyzed donations to both campaigns from every ZIP code in California. 

“The president, about a third of his $61 million came from a few dozen mega donors, people who had given $100,000 or more. … There are a lot of real estate developers. There are some tech entrepreneurs. Some widows. There are some agriculture barons. ... Business types that have raised a lot of money and donated a lot of money in the past for other Republicans,” says Matt Stiles, California Correspondent for the LA Times. 

As for Biden, Stiles says, “His top zip codes were in the Bay Area. He’s received a lot of money from tech executives. But also down here in LA County from media and movie executives. … His average donation in the state is about $280. And Trump’s is about $180.” 



  • Matt Stiles - California Correspondent for the LA Times