Big Food Aims at the Socially Conscious, but Is the Food Healthier?

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Chipotle, the national food chain that claims to be a healthier fast food alternative, upped the ante recently in trying to follow its motto of "Food with Integrity." Last week the company announced its food menu was going to be GMO-free, no longer containing ingredients derived from genetically engineered plants. It's not the only major national brand to make a bold change. Tyson Foods also announced recently it will stop using poultry treated with human antibiotics.  Anti-GMO activists applaud the move, but a majority of scientists -- armed with decades of research -- say GMO's are safe to humans and the food chain.  Do all of these changes add up to healthier food or a more sustainable environment and sustainable economy, or will marketing trump science?  We look at the future of GMO's from the salsa bar to farms in the developing world.