Race politics and the NFL's culture of silence

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The National Football League is "as American as apple pie, "with deep roots in popular culture. Now the nation's most profitable sports enterprise is caught up in race politics. Former NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick is out of a job.  He once helped the San Francisco 49ers reach the Super Bowl, but he's best known for refusing to stand for the Star Spangled Banner-- saying the nation is not keeping its promise of equality for people of color. Michael Bennett is an all-star defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks.  In the aftermath of Saturday's deadly violence by white racists in Charlottesville, he says he'll refuse to stand for the National Anthem this season. So far, only black players have been taking the knee, but some white teammates are joining demands for racial equality. Players are also speaking out about long-term injury, as research shows the longer and harder they play, the more likely is permanent brain damage.