Can the Trump Family Reality Show Unify the Republicans?

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The first day of Donald Trump's nominating convention was short on policy but long on a Dystopian view of America in 2016 — and there was no doubt about who was getting the blame. Tonight, House Speaker Paul Ryan gets his turn to rally a divided convention behind a candidate many delegates don't support. Trump's own role has been compromised by evidence of plagiarism in his wife's speech and his Fox News interview that upstaged the convention. Chris Christie and Ben Carson will continue the dark theme of American decline. Will delegate spirits get a lift from two of Trump's children? We get a preview of the politics -- and the prime-time entertainment.

Special thanks to WCPN-Ideastream in Cleveland, Ohio.


Jenna Johnson - National political correspondent for The Washington Post, Ted Johnson - Variety - @tedstew, Luis Alvarado - co-founder of Grow Elect, a Latino Republican PAC; former press secretary for the California Republican Party - @latinostrategy, E.J. Dionne - Senior fellow at Brookings Institution, Professor at Georgetown University, Columnist at Washington Post - @EJDionne, Scott Hawkins - Utah delegate

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