Next month's election and recreational marijuana

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Just 10 years ago, Americans opposed legalized marijuana by about two to one. Now those numbers have been reversed according to Gallup and the Pew Research Center. Medical marijuana has already been approved in almost half the country, and recreational use is legal in Washington State, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska and the District of Columbia. It's on next month's ballots in Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Arizona and — most importantly -- California. The biggest state in the nation with the world's sixth largest economy could be the tipping point for ending federal prohibition and discriminatory enforcement. But even many who want that are raising red flags. Ballot measures lack rules on cost or potency, leading medical and psychological experts to warn about "cannabis abuse disorder." Small farmers say it's all about Big Dope — just like Big Tobacco — a multi-billion-dollar industry that encourages abuse. We hear more about pros and cons.