Medical Treatment for Desperate Californians

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On Monday thousands waited in line for hours just to get plastic wristbands, their tickets to a four-day free medical clinic at the Sports Arena in downtown Los Angeles. Today, the first wave showed up for the clinic itself, organized by CareNow, based here in LA, and staffed by volunteers and medical professionals, including cardiologists, dentists podiatrists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and others. 

(In addition to the guests listed below, we also hear the voices of patients Patricia Hopkins, Kevin Singleton, Eva, and Tim Green.)


Shari Doi - Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, Saul Gonzalez - reporter for KCRW. Host, 'There Goes the Neighborhood: Los Angeles' - @SaulKCRW, Shana Alex Lavarreda - UCLA Center for Health Policy Research

Warren Olney

Katie Cooper, Christian Bordal, Karen Radziner, Sonya Geis, Anna Scott, Frances Anderton