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Marijuana use has been legal in Uruguay since 1974.

Uruguay Opts Out of the War on Drugs

Marijuana use has been legal in Uruguay since 1974.

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After killings and other violence recorded on camera, Black Lives Matter supporters are demanding police reform.

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As coronavirus cases continue to rise in Southern California, there’s no telling when live music performances will come back.

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Berlin passed a hotly debated anti-discrimination law this month, the first of its kind in Germany, that allows victims to pursue legal remedies against state officials — including…

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Read this post from Josh Barro about new changes on Left, Right & Center.

Bernie Sanders may never make it to the White House, but, just when we need them most, socialists like “Bigger than Bernie” co-author Meagan Day have picked up his torch.

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John C. Fremont was instrumental in California becoming a state. He was one of the first two senators. He was the first Republican candidate for president in 1856.

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Scientific evidence shows that wearing a mask can protect both the wearer and the community around them from COVID-19.

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Less than a month after the police killing of George Floyd, the protests around the country continue.

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LA County’s courts will reopen Monday for non-jury criminal and civil trials. But what steps are being taken to ensure the courts will be safe?

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