Jina Moore

Reporter for BuzzFeed in Africa


Jina Moore is an award-winning journalist who specializes in post-conflict and human rights reporting. Her past Pulitzer Center projects include a multi-country collaboration with African and American reporters on reproductive health; a four-country investigation of the UN Peacebuilding Commission; and a collaboration, with photographer Glenna Gordon, on post-war Liberia and the role of land in Africa's conflicts. She has won many fellowships and awards and has been an Africa correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor and a senior editor at Guernica magazine; her work has also appeared in The Columbia Journalism Review, The Nation, Boston Review, The Boston Globe, Foreign Policy, Newsweek, Best American Science Writing and others. She is currently the Global Women's Rights Correspondent and Africa Bureau Chief for BuzzFeed.

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A Doctors Without Borders physician in New York has become the ninth person in the U.S. to be treated for Ebola.

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