Jonathan Kaufman

Senior Editor, Wall Street Journal


Senior Editor at the Wall Street Journal, he has written about race for more than 20 years; author of Broken Alliance: Turbulent Times Between Blacks and Jews in America; member of a Pulitzer Prize-winning team of reporters when he was at the Boston Globe

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Barack Obama 's mother was white and his father was African. In the United States, that makes him black.

Obama, Race and the Presidential Campaign

Barack Obama 's mother was white and his father was African. In the United States, that makes him black.

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Presidential campaigns aren’t just on TV anymore, they’re on countless digital platforms.

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What will change the minds of climate change skeptics? An astrophysics professor suggests reframing the climate debate in a more positive light -- as a result of human evolution.

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KCRW speaks with members of LA's Jewish community, plus Israeli and Palestinian expats about Tuesday's Israeli election.

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The two international giants are linked in inextricable ways, and yet Americans’ understanding of China consistently lacks nuance.

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President Trump is holding a press conference at the United Nations General Assembly in New York. In a speech to the U.N.

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Twelve candidates are taking the stage at 5 PM PT at the CNN/New York Times Democratic Debate, hosted at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio

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In a world in which global opinion reigns, public diplomacy rooted in nationalism and propaganda will not save us from pressing crises.

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Climate change is an existential crisis. If Americans cut just one hamburger from their diet every week, it would be like taking 10 million cars off the road every year. After cutting energy use, less meat and more plant-based food add up to the easiest--and healthiest--way to reduce your carbon footprint. From the land and water needed to raise feed and the methane produced at the end of digestion, “Cattle are actually mini fossil-fuel, greenhouse gas producers.” So says Sujatha Bergen, head of health campaigns at the NRDC. As her title suggests, eliminating beef from your diet--in addition to pork and lamb-- is also better for you. She explains the trade-offs for helping to reduce climate change and says, “Starting with your fork is much less daunting for many people.”

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Despite mounting evidence, Republicans in the House and the Senate are defending President Trump or keeping their heads down. Veteran GOP conservatives accuse them of sacrificing morality for short-term political gain. Meantime the Trump Administration calls the impeachment inquiry “unconstitutional,” while legal scholars point out that it’s part of Article II. And how did Ukraine, an obscure former Soviet republic, become so important? Money.

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