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"Nine Months on the Job" is the title of a paper drawn up by aides to Austin Beutner, who's been First Deputy Mayor since Antonio Villraigosa appointed him in January of this year. It says he's built a team that's changing the "culture" of city government, making Los Angeles business friendly and creating jobs. We ask Beutner what he thinks are his most important achievements. What will they mean for the quality of life in LA?  Will they outlast his whirlwind of activity? Is he running for Mayor? On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, the awful details of deadly drug wars often are not reported by the Mexican media, because editors and reporters fear for their lives. We get a progress report on President Calderon's military offensive and what it could mean north of the border.

Banner image: Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (L) speaks with Deputy Mayor Austin Beutner at City Hall

Frances Anderton
Sonya Geis

Main Topic Update with Deputy Mayor Austin Beutner 26 MIN, 44 SEC

Austin Beutner has been Los Angeles' First Deputy Mayor since Antonio Villaraigosa appointed him in January. Reportedly, that came at the urging of former Mayor Richard Riordan, Eli Broad and other business and political leaders. Some think Beutner should run for the top job himself when Villaraigosa is termed out in 2013. When Villaraigosa made the appointment he declared the dawn of a new "era of accountability." Aides to Beutner have drawn up a paper called "Nine Months on the Job."

Austin Beutner, Los Angeles Times owner (@austinbeutner)
James Brasuell, Planetizen (@CasualBrasuell)
Rick Orlov, Los Angeles Daily News (@Rickorlov)
David Zahniser, Los Angeles Times (@DavidZahniser)

Main Topic Mexico's Drug Wars and Reporting the News 26 MIN, 24 SEC

In the past four years, at least 30 Mexican journalists have been murdered or disappeared. Sunday, a respected newspaper in Ciudad Juárez directly addressed the drug cartels battling for control of the city. In a front-page editorial, El Diario called for a truce. Two years ago, the paper's lead crime reporter was gunned down in his driveway before he could take his daughter to school. Last week, a photo-journalist was killed in the parking lot of a busy shopping mall.

William Booth, Washington Post (@BoothWilliam)
Daniel Lund, President, MUND Americas
Andrew Selee, Woodrow Wilson Center / Johns Hopkins University (@SeleeAndrew)
Ricardo Pascoe, Workers Revolutionary Party (PRD) (@rpascoep)


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