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With just four days left in this year's legislative session, it's jobs and the environment again in Sacramento. The pressure is on for the Assembly and Senate to approve demands for the proposed NFL stadium in downtown LA. Developer AEG wants relief from environmental timetables. Environmentalists are warning of "gridlock… dirty air… and a rush to judgment." We get a progress report. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, ten years after September 11 we hear about advance warnings, the war in Iraq and intelligence strategy.

Making News California Supreme Court Seems to Side with Prop 8 Backers 6 MIN, 58 SEC

Proposition 8, the ban on same-sex marriage enacted by California voters, was back in court today. A federal judge has ruled it unconstitutional. Governor Brown and Attorney General Kamala Harris have refused to defend it on appeal. So the federal appeals court has asked the State Supreme Court to decide if the measure’s sponsors, un-elected as they are, can do it instead. Lisa Leff covered today’s hour-long hearing for the Associated Press.

Lisa Leff, Associated Press (@scoopscout)

Main Topic Can a Football Stadium Be 'Environmentally Friendly?' 18 MIN, 26 SEC

The developer AEG is demanding special relief from state environmental procedures as a condition for building an NFL stadium in downtown LA. It would still have to complete an environmental impact report, and challenges could still be filed in court. But AEG wants to speed up the procedure. The stadium hasn’t been fully approved, but AEG wants action now, before this year’s legislative session ends on Friday.

Alex Padilla, California Secretary of State (@AlexPadilla4CA)
Dakota Smith, LA Times (@dakotacdsmith)
David Pettit, Natural Resources Defense Council (@TeamAir)

Main Topic September 11: Advance Warnings and the War in Iraq 26 MIN, 33 SEC

Truth and Lies a Decade after 9/11Seven years after the 9/11 Commission's best-selling report, co-chairmen Lee Hamilton and Thomas Kean have issued a report saying the US is still not prepared for a major catastrophe. Though only Hamilton and Keane issued the "Report Card," ten years after September 11, many questions remain. What about efforts to warn the Bush Administration about al Qaeda?  Why did President Bush accuse Saddam Hussein? Has US intelligence strategy been improved?

Jamie Gorelick, former 9/11 Commissioner
Coleen Rowley, former FBI special agent
Christian Alfonsi, political scientist
Eric Schmitt, New York Times (@ericschmittNYT)

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