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LA County’s Public Health Director says it’s time to "calm down" about swine flu. Also, it’s so hard to fire a tenured teacher in California that school administrators often don’t even try. What about the rights of kids to a good education? To the Point, the newly elected leaders of the US and Israel will meet in two weeks to tackle the ongoing struggle for peace in the Middle East.  Will they agree to disagree on Iran’s nuclear program and a Palestinian state?

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Sonya Geis
Katie Cooper

Main Topic What's Next for the 'Two-State Solution?' 35 MIN, 7 SEC

clinton-perez.jpgIsrael's newly elected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will visit the White House on May 18.  President Obama has advocated more progress toward a “two-state solution” with the Palestinians. But Netanyahu appears to have other ideas. His supporters insist that Iran's nuclear threat is more important than peace talks. The US, Europe and Arab states contend they are inextricably linked. With the diplomatic maneuvering is hot and heavy, we hear a variety of opinions.

Ron Kampeas, Jewish Telegraphic Agency (@kampeas)
Ori Nir, Americans for Peace Now (@OriNir_APN)
Caroline Glick, former Assistant Foreign Policy Advisor, Benjamin Netanyahu
Nadim Rouhana, Professor of International Negotiation and Conflict Studies, Tufts University

Shackled Warrior

Caroline Glick

Making News Swine Flu Closes Schools but Spares Lives 5 MIN, 35 SEC

In Orange, Riverside and San Diego Counties, reports of kids infected with H1N1 virus have led to school closings. In Los Angeles County, 11 cases have been confirmed, but most schools are open.  Jonathan Fielding is County Director of Public Health.

Jonathan Fielding, UCLA (@UCLAFSPH)

Main Topic Getting Rid of Bad Teachers 20 MIN, 19 SEC

On Sunday, the LA Times reported on how difficult it is to fire a teacher in California, even when evidence of misbehavior appears to be strong. In one case, a civil jury agreed with a school principal who fired a teacher for alleged repeated sexual harassment. But despite the jury's verdict, a special commission ruled that the teacher could keep his job. That case began seven years ago and it's still in the courts. We speak with Jason Song, who authored the article, and others about the obstacles facing school boards who want to fire teachers for misbehavior or incompetence in the classroom.

Jason Song, Los Angeles Times (@byjsong)
A.J. Duffy, Apple Academy Charter Public Schools
Tamar Galatzan, LAUSD Board of Education


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