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Los Angeles is known for its world-class diversity of good restaurants, but you'd never know it at LAX, even though it's called the "international" airport. Today, some of the city's best-known chefs staged what they call an "Eat-In," to demonstrate what would be offered by new concessions airport officials want to install.  But, with $600 million at stake, the old concessionaires aren't quitting without a fight. We hear from travelers, chefs and a City Councilman who complains about lobbyists "all over the place." On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, Arizona has appealed yesterday's federal court ruling that the toughest provisions of a new immigration law are unconstitutional. Demonstrators were arrested today in Phoenix.

Main Topic The Political Food Fight at LAX 26 MIN, 2 SEC

JD Power says Los Angeles International Airport is 18th out of 19 major American airports when it comes to passenger satisfaction. One of the complaints is the food. Airport officials have been hearing that message for years so, in April, they set up a bidding process for food concessions. HMS Host, which has been feeding LAX travelers since 1965, came in last among four bidders. The winner was an outfit called SSP, which included well-known Los Angeles chefs. The City Council will make the final decision and, with some $600 million at stake, HMS Host is not going away quietly.  We hear from Host, council members, random travelers, and chefs working with SSP, who showed their stuff at today’s "eat in" in downtown LA.

Kathy Briski, Incoming President, Los Angeles Business Travelers Association
Coby King, Spokesperson, HMS Host
Bill Rosendahl, Los Angeles City Council (@Bill_Rosendahl)
Tony Cárdenas, Democratic Congressman (@RepCardenas)

Main Topic Arizona, the Federal Courts and Illegal Immigration 26 MIN, 38 SEC

Crucial aspects of Arizona's new immigration law have been ruled unconstitutional, and they won't go into effect today as scheduled.  But that decision will be appealed and both sides are eager to show that they aren't backing down.  Protesters against the law are being arrested today in Phoenix by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a major supporter of cracking down on illegal immigrants.

Anna Gorman, Kaiser Health News (@annagorman)
Leo Banks, Reporter, Tucson Weekly
Gabriel Chin, Professor of Law, Public Administration and Policy, University of Arizona
Mark Krikorian, Center for Immigration Studies (@MarkSKrikorian)
Thomas A. Saenz, Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (@ThomasASaenz)


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