What's Happening to Gun Control?
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What's Happening to Gun Control?

Starbucks — where California liberals sip lattes — has become a staging ground for carrying unconcealed weapons. What does that say about the future of gun control? Also, oil refiners consider making permanent cuts, and earmarks are back in the news as Democrats and Republicans exchange commitments to ban an unpopular practice.  Is it all about the November elections?

Banner image: The Gun Store sales associate Greg Kohler (L) looks on as Eric Brandon of Nevada tries out a semi-automatic pistol November 14, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Making News

Oil Refiners Look to Make Permanent Cutbacks ()

Oil companies are losing money because of the economic downtown and consumers' changing habits. Cutbacks in production of gasoline and diesel fuel will increase prices, and they've already started. That's according to Ron White, reporting for the Los Angeles Times.


Main Topic

Coffeehouse Showdown: Gun Owners Test the Limits of the Law ()

When Barack Obama was elected President, the National Rifle Association predicted a massive effort at gun control, and gun sales shot up last year by 39%. But he US Supreme Court has thrown out the handgun ban in Washington, DC, and when Chicago's ban on handguns was challenged last week in the US Supreme Court, the Obama Administration was silent. The Gallup Poll says that support for gun control in the US has dropped in the past 20 years from 78% to 44%. We hear about the history and possible future of gun control.


Reporter's Notebook

'Silly Season' Has Arrived in the Capitol ()

It's only March, but Republicans and Democrats are trying to position themselves for the November elections, not always by focusing on substantial issues. Yesterday, House Democrats said they would no longer support earmarks that benefit for-profit companies. Today, House Republicans banned earmarks across the board. Does either side really mean it? Dana Milbank, national political reporter for the Washington Post, has the latest on what some call "the silly season."


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