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Dangerous Liaisons: Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Taliban

What's now called "Obama's War" features three allies with different objectives. We hear about the conflicting interests of the US, Afghanistan and Pakistan in the conflict with the Taliban. Also, President Obama's infrastructure plan runs against the political tide, and Google may be developing the car of the future. We hear about seven automobiles that have driven 1000 miles without human control. 

Making News

Obama's Infrastructure Plan Runs against the Political Tide ()

Just weeks before the November election, President Obama today joined mayors, governors and transportation officials to promote a new program for spending $50 billion. Keith Johnson reports for the Wall Street Journal.


Main Topic

Obama's War: Is there Any Way to Make Progress? ()

The war with the Taliban involves the US, Afghanistan and Pakistan, but there's growing evidence that all three have different objectives. Neither Pakistan nor Afghanistan has trust in the other and neither expects the US to be around for the long run.  And this weekend's New York Times raised a disturbing question: "can the war succeed if one of [America's] principal allies is in cahoots with the enemy?" We hear from Afghanistan and Pakistan, and from one of America's senior diplomats.


Reporter's Notebook

Google Test Drives Car that Can Drive Itself ()

Reporter John Markoff recently rode in a car that merged into heavy traffic on Interstate 101 in Silicon Valley, left a few exit ramps down the road and then negotiated city traffic through the city of Mountain View, stopping for lights and stop signs. It was no big deal except that nobody was driving. While Silicon Valley's been focusing on social networks and digital movies, Google is busy developing a car that's driven by complex robotics. Markoff wrote about his experience in the New York Times.


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