Governor Brown's School Funding Reform
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Governor Brown's School Funding Reform

Governor Brown says fellow Democrats in the Assembly and Senate are in for "the battle of their lives" if they oppose his bid to overhaul state school funding.  Democrats—with two-thirds of both legislative houses--are divided.  It's all about providing more money to districts with low-income students and English learners, and the split depends on whose district is getting how much. We hear more. Also, two Californians will be driving a Porsche and a Volkswagen Beetle — from Beijing to Paris in a vintage-car rally that dates back to 1907. Are they as crazy as that sounds?

Image-for-WWLA.jpgOn our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, hackers have broken into major news organizations, and last week a false message on the Associated Press Twitter account roiled the financial markets. In Washington, the heat is on for new cybersecurity laws. Can Internet users be protected without violations of privacy? Do they first need to protect themselves with skepticism about the accuracy of "instant news?"

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It's Jerry Brown versus… the Democrats? ()

Governor Brown says, "This is not an ordinary legislative measure. This is a cause." He wants to direct more state money to districts with large numbers of low-income students and those who have trouble with English. If fellow Democrats who represent wealthier districts have a problem with that, the Governor has promised them "the battle of their lives." He's vowed to fight it with everything he has, "and whatever we have to bring to bear on this battle, we're bringing it."


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The Beijing to Paris Rally ()

The Peking to Paris auto rally started in 1907, before English speakers learned to say "Beijing." It's 10,000 miles from the Great Wall through the Gobi Desert, Mongolia, Russia and Ukraine, over mountain passes in Slovakia and Austria, and finally to Paris.  One driver and one navigator have 30 days to make it — in a vintage car. This year's rally is scheduled to begin on May 28 and end on the last day of June. Garrick Staples is a computer systems administrator who will be driving a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle.  Stanley Gold, president of Shamrock Holdings, will pilot a 1965 Porsche 911.








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