‘In the Weeds’ with Alexis Navarette of La Flor Blanca Salvadoreña

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“He relied on his charisma and personality,” says Alexis Navarette of his father, who opened his El Salvadoran restaurant in South LA prior to social media and gentrification. Photo by Alexis Navarette.

When Alexis Navarette's parents came to the United States from El Salvador, they did what so many immigrants from all around the world have done to survive, they opened a restaurant. Decades later, La Flor Blanca Salvadoreña is still standing, even as the neighborhood around it has changed. In fact, it's a South LA institution, attracting countless pupusa lovers. Now that Alexis is running the show, he's navigating the challenge of staying true to the restaurant's roots while appealing to a new generation. La Flor Blanca Salvadoreña is the focus of this week's “In the Weeds.”

"Pupusas have been getting more popular across the nation. I want to be a part of that, too,” says Navarette. Photo courtesy of La Flor Blanca Salvadoreña.