11 of our favorite avocado recipes

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Looking to break out of your avocado rut? Try one of these recipes. Photo credit: Tangerine Newt/Unsplash

We love avocados. We love eating them in guacamole, avocado toast, and Cobb salads as much as the next person. But there is more — so much more — you can do with avocados. Let's get creative!

Yes, there is the ripening issue. You buy a couple avocados, they're hard as rocks, you wait day after day for them to ripen. Then, suddenly, you discover they've gone rogue and they're overripe. What do you do? Tamar Adler, author of The Everlasting Meal Cookbook, which is all about finding delicious destinies for leftovers, has a suggestion. "When I was traveling in Vietnam, 20 years ago, there was a breakfast shake that I used to get in Hanoi that was sweetened condensed milk, avocado, and ice. Maybe they also put in milk. I tried making that with overripe avocado, and it totally works. You put it in a blender so that weird fiber-ish-ness disappears. You put the avocado in the bottom, then it's sweetened condensed milk, which makes everything delicious, and ice. It makes the most or the second most delicious breakfast shake."

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Jalapeno salsa brightens up any ceviche. Photo via Shutterstock

Ceviche Tostadas with Avocado and Jalapeño Salsa

This recipe was inspired by the incredible ceviche tostadas and bright jalapeno salsa at La Guerrerense in Ensenada. The tostada was the initial inspiration but the bright jalapeño salsa that Evan Kleiman tried at a nearby fish taco stand inspired her to combine the two. Get the recipe

Tomatillo Avocado Salsa

Chef Kajsa Alger likes putting this tomatillo avocado salsa on top of her Grilled Spring Onion and Bean Tacos, a great option for a vegan taco party. Scroll down for both recipes. Get the recipe

Chef Tanya Holland pairs shrimp with a white barbecue sauce, a mayonnaise-based sauce popular in the Deep South. She adds avocado to give it California flair. Photo by Aubrie Pick

Grilled Shrimp and Corn with Avocado White Barbecue Sauce

In Tanya Holland's California Soul, chef Tanya Holland features recipes that marry her Southern roots with California influences. White barbecue sauce is popular in Alabama and a few other spots in the Deep South. Normally, it's pale because of mayonnaise. But this one delivers the creaminess of that classic sauce with the richness and beautiful green color of California avocados.You'll marvel at the way this pale sauce elevates fresh corn and grilled shrimp. Get the recipe

Avocado, Slivered Radishes, and Sumac Salt

Amelia Saltsman, author of the Santa Monica Farmers' Market Cookbook, tops toasted country bread with ingredients like smashed avocado, green tomatoes, and nectarines. Get the recipe

Avocados aren't just for sweet dishes. They make pies as smooth as silk. Photo via Shutterstock

Ivana's Avocado Pie

This pie, which first appeared on the Good Food blog in 2009, came to Evan Kleiman from one of her Angeli sisters in crime, Ivana Prince. It's a family recipe for an ice box pie, which means no baking except for the crust. This take on a key lime pie includes an avocado, which makes it so much greener and silkier. Get the recipe

Vegan Chocolate Orange Avocado Mousse

With maple syrup providing the sweetness, oranges adding some tang, and plenty of cocoa powder and chocolate chips for richness, this silky vegan mousse from Lifestyle Of A Foodie is a fantastic dessert. Get the recipe

This salad features kale, cabbage, avocado, parmigiano, cilantro, fresh herbs, and a sweet-spicy almond vinaigrette. 
Photo by Jakob Layman

Kale, Cabbage & Avocado Salad with Almond Vinaigrette

With kale and two different kinds of cabbage, chef Jackson Kalb's salad, which he serves at Jame Enoteca in El Segundo, has a lot of crunch. Avocado adds creaminess and richness while the parmigiano gives it a salty funk. Get the recipe

Evan Kleiman's Beach Pasta

Officially named Conchiglie della Spiaggia, this room temperature pasta dish is as close to "pasta salad" as actual Italian cooking gets. The "sauce" is room temperature, the pasta is hot. These types of sauces, which rely on raw tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil, are infinitely variable. Do you like capers? Add them. Hate anchovies? Leave them out. Don't have basil or parsley but have a green onion? Put it in. No tuna but you have canned salmon or tons of sardines? You get the picture. Get the recipe

A bowl with lentils as its base is infinitely variable. Add whatever veggies, herbs, seeds, nuts and dressings strike your fancy. Photo via Shutterstock

Lentils with Avocado and Feta

Peter Miller has a common dilemma — making an enjoyable lunch at work. One of his favorite staples is lentils, because they're filling and easy to make. This recipe, which comes from his book, Lunch at the Shop: The Art and Practice of the Midday Meal, is so simple. It's a small, perfectly balanced construct of parts and textures and tastes. He recommends making the lentils at home then preparing the rest of the dish at work. Get the recipe

Potato Frittata with Avocado and Three-Chile Salsa

A pan of potatoes and eggs spiced up with Anaheim and poblano chiles? Yes, please! You can thank Selma Morrow, author of The William Sonoma Collection: Potato, for this one. Get the recipe

Avocado Stuffed with Shrimp

Shrimp and avocado are a classic pairing — briny and creamy. In this version of avocado stuffed with shrimp, from Laylita's Recipes, the filling is made with shrimp, red onions, radishes, bell peppers, celery, and cilantro mayo. Get the recipe