‘I spy’ Tahitian squash at the farmer’s market

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Tahitian squash has a long neck and thick wall with a mesh of seeds, and Providence Chef de Cuisine Tristan Aitchison tells market correspondent Gillian Ferguson that it takes some premeditated thought to navigate breaking it down. At the restaurant, he is slicing the squash thin, sauteeing it in beef fat, layering it like a Napoleon, and serving it with the wagyu course. He then juices the scraps for the dish. 

For a home application, Aitchison recommends roasting and blending the squash for a good soup. He recommends attacking it with a peeler and using a serrated knife. Farmer Peter Schaner grows the winter squash that Aitchison buys. Schaner describes the Tahitian as needing nothing more than salt and pepper. For those into decorative gourd season, the squash can be used as decoration for up to eight months. 



Evan Kleiman