This downtown winery is the first to open in LA since Prohibition

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Amy Luftig, along with Jasper Dickson, operates Angeleno Wine Co., which makes a fortified wine using grapes from the Ramona vine growing at the San Gabriel Mission. Photo courtesy of Angeleno Wine Co.

Amy Luftig and her business partner, Jasper Dickson, launched Angeleno Wine Co., the first winery to open in the city of Los Angeles since Prohibition. They're featured in the short documentary "The Oldest Vine," directed by Jason Wise.

Working with wineries across L.A. County, including the Alonso Family Vineyard in Agua Dulce and the Lopez Vineyard in Rancho Cucamonga, which dates back to the 1800s, Angeleno Wine Co. produced its first vintage in 2015. 

The couple are members of the Los Angeles Vintners Association, which makes the fortified wine Angelica from grapes grown at the San Gabriel Mission. Only half a barrel of Angelica is produced each year and will be released to wine club members by this summer.

Signs of historical Los Angeles winemaking can be found around the city including on Vignes Street behind Union Station. The thoroughfare is named after Jean-Louis Vignes, a French winemaker who came to Los Angeles in 1831 and started making wine in the Bordeaux style. Angeleno Wine Co. honors Vignes in their logo with the sycamore tree grown on his property.