Axe throwing hits the target at this Koreatown bar

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A fried chicken sandwich is featured on the menu at Mo's House of Axe. Photo by Jakob Layman.

Filmmakers Monique Caulfield and her husband Danny Baron experienced the joy of axe throwing while visiting family in Detroit. Caulfield decided to recreate the experience in Los Angeles, along with the camaraderie she felt during her time on set. The practice of throwing axes for entertainment was born in Toronto. "It's a lumberjack thing," she explains. "The Canadians basically took this thing they've been doing in the woods forever, and brought it into an indoor facility." 

If you're concerned about the combo of liquor and sharp objects being tossed in the air, axe throwing has an amazing safety record, Caulfield says. In fact, getting the permit for Mo's House of Axe, which is a full restaurant and bar, was relatively easy since alcohol intake is monitored and each throwing lane comes with its own private coach.

Monique Caulfield demonstrates her axe throwing technique. Photo by Jakob Layman.

Mo's House of Axe in Koreatown is a full bar and restaurant with private instruction on each axe alley. Photo courtesy of Mo's House of Axe.