Cheese, bucatini shortage, amatriciana, women chefs

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The trifecta of cheese, pasta, and amatriciana sauce provides comfort in the first weeks of the new year. Photo by Sophie Minchilli.

This week’s Good Food is a metaphoric grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup — an hour of comfort and distraction from a headshaking news cycle. Lydia Clarke operates DTLA Cheese with her sister in the historic Grand Central Market and describes how they flipped their business model on its head in this week’s segment of “In the Weeds.” Rachel Handler’s question of “Where has all the bucatini gone?” led her to a Nancy Drew investigation. Sophie Minchilli checks in from Rome with her version of the perfect amatriciana. Kim Prince and Lien Ta have details on the upcoming “Regarding Her,” a food festival with 100 of Los Angeles’ top female chefs and restaurateurs. Finally, citrus is in season at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market.



Evan Kleiman