Regarding Her: a food festival by women, for everyone

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Kim Prince of Hotville Chicken is creating some special desserts for the Regarding Her food festival and is one of nine board members programming the 10-day event. Photo courtesy of Hotville Chicken.

January 21 marks the fourth anniversary of the LA Women’s March. This year, it’s the first day of a 10-day, virtual and in-person event that involves menu collaborations and panel conversations by and for women. Restaurateurs Kim Prince of Hotville Chicken and Lien Ta of All Day Baby are board members of Regarding Her, a charitable organization for women-owned restaurants in Los Angeles. With 100 participants, look for Toni Tipton-Martin, Ruth Reichl, and Good Food’s Evan Kleiman on the calendar. 

When asked about the impetus of starting the nonprofit Regarding Her and organizing its 10-day food festival, Lien Ta says,
“We need something to look forward to.” Photo by Joyce Kim.



Evan Kleiman