Chinese New Year; Edible Aphrodisiacs; Eating Snake

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Three food lovers share their ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day: chef CJ Jacobson is cooking beef heart, sex therapist Linda de Villers suggests finger foods at home, and independent producer Gideon Brower highlights the heart-shaped offerings at the 99¢ Store. For those celebrating Saint Valentine with wine, New York Times wine critic Eric Asimov has tips for seeking out the bottles that you love. Chinese New Year is this Sunday; food writer and cookbook author Fuchsia Dunlop shares some traditional recipes and Deep End Diner Eddie Lin celebrates the Year of the Snake with seven courses of boa constrictor. Jonathan Gold visits the newly designed Spago and offers a glowing review of chef Wolfgang Puck's new menu. Plus, Laura Avery talks to chef David LeFevre and farmer Pernilla Carpenter about the variety of winter greens at the Santa Monica Farmers Market.

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