Chocolate, blood, Lunar New Year, recipes

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Whether you have a home date or spending Valentine’s solo, chocolate educator Ruth Kennison recommends setting up a tasting with a combination of single origin bars and bonbons from local chocolatiers then allowing yourself to indulge. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

With so much home cooking happening over the past year, many are getting tired of their own food and second nature meal repertoire. Genevieve Ko describes tasking herself with exploring new recipes and following them to the letter. Chocolate educator organizes an at-home chocolate tasting for Valentine’s Day. Jennifer McLagan explores the history of cooking with blood as an ingredient. Kristie Hang ushers in the Lunar New Year with recommendations around Los Angeles. Cathy Asapahu shares the story behind her family’s Thai restaurant for this week’s segment of “In the Weeds.” Finally, winter chicories are spotted at the farmer’s market.



Evan Kleiman