Crispy Pork Gang; Goat Milk Soap; Is Kosher Safer?

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The Chinese New Year is almost here. Grace Young is ringing in the Year of the Dragon with her kitchen god at the stove. Tamar Adler reminds us that there is no such thing as a cooking failure. Author Marissa Guggiana describes the memorable, and the not-so-memorable, staff meals served in restaurants across America. Crispy Pork Gang is not a gang at all, but the name of a new restaurant in Thai Town. Jonathan Gold pays it a visit and says the pork is “unusually good.” Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein defines Kosher slaughter and Matt McAllester shares tall tales of journalists' food adventures during wartime. Plus, PJ Jonas

explains how to make soap from goat's milk.


Banner image: Family Meal at Blue Hill Stone Barns

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