Eating Blood; Soda Tax; Green Tomatoes; Breakfast Burritos

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What happens when a professional eater tries a raw food diet for a week?  This week, Lesley Bargar Suter reveals all the gory details.  Gustavo Arellano tells us where to get the best breakfast burrito in Orange County.  Some people thing taxing soda will help curb obesity in this country.  Marion Nestle shares her views.  "Food geek" Brian Geiger says that cooking with cast iron can help us get more iron in our diet.  Eating blood can also provide iron.  Eddie Lin's new book details eating cubes of blood and other deep end dining specialties.  Our water series continues with a a conversation about water privatization.  Renee Maas from Food and Water Watch joins Evan to discuss how cities are selling water rights to private companies.  The LA Times' Russ Parsons comments on the national conversation about food and farming . Plus, Andrew Steiner is here with a selection of cheeses from Belgium.  And Laura Avery discusses a fire-roasted green tomato and pork dish with Amelia Saltsman.  

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