Extreme Cuisine

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Eddie Lin writes the blog DeepEndDining.com.  In his new book, Extreme Cuisine, he explores some exotic dishes of various cultures.  

In one section, he explores the Chinese practice of eating congealed blood in cubes.  It's usually pig's blood and it has a metallic taste.  Blood is also eaten in the form of blood sausages, where blood is mixed with a grain and put in a casing.  

Blood Sausage 2

There is also a Scandinavian dish of fermented herring, which is stored in tin cans.  When the cans bulge into a rounded shape, they are ready to eat.  

Green Jello

Lime jello made with cream cheese is found in the "Jello Belt," a region of the United States that stretches across Utah, where jello is popular.  


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