Eating Turkey in Turkey; A Church Built on BBQ; Honey Bee Update; The Art of Tea

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The Thanksgiving celebration is traditionally centered around the turkey.  Russ Parsons of the Los Angeles Times says that cooking that giant bird is not as scary as it seems.  He shares his tips for turkey.  Farmer Peter Davies tells the story of eating turkey in Turkey.  Deep end diner Eddie Lin finds barbecue turkey necks for sale at a church in Compton.  If turkey isn't your thing, Akasha Richmond offers up some vegetarian options for the big meal.  Rose Levy Beranbaum shares the wonders of Wondra flour.  And Thomas Keller has some ideas for stuffing. 

Is meat versus no-meat is a source of conflict at your Thanksgiving table?  Helena Echlin can help.  She has advice on how to navigate the minefield of holiday table manners.  What's going on with the honey bee population?  We've got an update on the bees from Spencer and Helene Marshall.  Plus a peak inside The Art of Tea exhibit at the Fowler Museum with guest curator Beatrice Hohenegger.  And Ben Ford gives Laura Avery an idea for a holiday salad.

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