Making tortillas and pasta from California-grown heritage corn

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Market correspondent Gillian Ferguson catches up with Sherry Mandel of the Tehachapi Heritage Grain Project. They’ve spent the last three years growing the perfect corn to make tortillas. Mandel works with Kernel of Truth to produce tortillas sold at the Weiser Family Farm’s stand at the Sunday Mar Vista Farmers Market. They are also sold at Bar Avalon, Heirloom LA, Secret Lasagna, Lady & Larder, Gjusta, Huckleberry, M. Georgina, Vin on Rose, Beachwood Market in Hollywood, and Valerie’s. They are available in produce boxes from Narrative Food, Edible Gardens LA, Astra Foods and FreshPoint.

Ferguson also talks to Colapasta’s Stefano De Lorenzo about using Tehachapi heritage grains in his pasta. You can find De Lorenzo’s pasta at Weiser on Sunday’s in Mar Vista, and via the Colapasta online store.



Evan Kleiman