How to review a restaurant in the time of COVID-19?

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It’s been over two months since sit-down service at restaurants was put on hold due to coronavirus. Restaurant critics Patricia Escárcega and Bill Addison of the Los Angeles Times review some takeout options. 

Escárcega recommends:

Addison’s picks include:

  • FEW For All/Table 60 is a new startup by three restaurant pros. They make pastas, sauces, and bake-at-home treats. Portions of sales fund donations to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. On Fridays, they deliver a three-course meal kit they've dubbed the Table 60 Projects — ever-changing themed menus with restaurant-evoking touches like a candle and a Spotify playlist. 
  • Pearl River Deli in Chinatown's Far East Plaza is Johnny Lee's small Cantonese restaurant. Try the Macau-style pork chop bun, char siu pork, and shrimp chow fun. 
  • Gish Bac specializes in Oaxacan dishes, including beautiful tlayudas as well as two kinds of barbacoa: goat stewed in chile guajillo and cumin-scented lamb. 



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