Foodie Holiday Gifts, Coffee, Salt and Kitchen Gadgets

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Holiday gifts don't necessarily require a trip to the mall: Delilah Snell takes a trip to the farmers market where she collects fruits and vegetables to make jams and jellies that she gives as holiday gifts. Mark Bitterman sells salt, bitters and chocolates in his store, The Meadow, and Steve Sando sells heirloom beans, corn and herbs and spices in his online marketplace, Rancho Gordo -- both make great stocking stuffers. Coffee makes another great gift, and Kevin Sinott explains why direct trade is the best gift of all. If you prefer a non-edible present, Christopher Kimball of Cook's Illustrated discusses his favorite kitchen gadgets, and Georg Riedel explains why the shape of a wine glass is important. Plus, Jonathan Gold

visits Obika Mozzarella Bar in Century City.


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