Frito Pie; Nora Ephron; Why Adam Carolla Prefers Pie over Cake

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Pie-A-Day is back and this week we celebrate host Evan Kleiman's favorite dessert. Los Angeles Times film writer John Horn remembers baking an apple tart with Nora Ephron in the writer's New York City apartment in 2009. Comedian and radio personality Adam Carolla explains why pie is always a better bet than cake and pastry chef Christina Tosi divulges the inspiration for her famous Crack Pie. Homesick Texan Lisa Fain tells us how to make Frito Pie and Deep End Diner Eddie Lin ventures to Leimert Park to learn about traditional bean pies. Amanda Buck of Pie Lab shares ideas on how to use pie for social change, and Good Food podcaster Al Elia discusses Piemas, an annual pie-only holiday that he and his friends began in 2006. Plus, Jonathan Gold offers the inside scoop (or maybe slice in this instance) on where to find the best pie in LA.

Banner image: John Horn and the late Nora Ephron, baking together. Photo © 2009 Jennifer S. Altman for the Los Angeles Times

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