Fruitcake, Mislabeled Seafood, Cooking on the Hearth

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Would you know the difference between Mahi Mahi and Yellowtail if it were presented to you at a sushi restaurant? Michael Hirshfield explains that the seafood at your fish counter may not be what you think it is. The holidays are approaching and that means fruitcake. Molly Young says her love of the intensely polarizing holiday dessert is an adaptive advantage, allowing her more dessert during the holidays. Robert Lambert describes the various flavor combinations he uses when creating his white and dark artisanal cakes. Oakland chef Russ Moore discusses cooking over an open flame. Ned Mogannam and his son, Sam, reminisce about their family-owned grocery, Bi-Rite Market, a neighborhood institution in San Francisco's Mission District. Stephanie Hopkinson talks about the growing trend of micro-canneries in the Pacific Northwest. Plus, Jonathan Gold takes us to an unlikely neighborhood for Thai Street Food.

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