Bill Addison reviews WangJia in San Gabriel

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With 150 items on the WangJia menu, Bill Addison recommends being particularly mindful of the Shanghainese seafood dishes, and asking for help when ordering. Photo by Christina House/Los Angeles Times © 2022.

In an area known for its Sichuan food, LA Times restaurant critic Bill Addison discovered WangJia, a Shanghainese restaurant with a 150-item menu. This San Gabriel Valley outlier specializes in cuisine originating in the Yangtze River Delta area and Jiangnan region of eastern China. 

Fuchsia Dunlop wrote about the region in her book "Land of Fish and Rice," a title that Addison says defines the cuisine as well as any. He appreciates the nuances of the dishes at WangJia. Lulu Luo has owned the space for three years with her family. Between red braised meats and soup dumplings, Addison recommends paying particular attention to the seafood items and asking for guidance to navigate the vast menu.