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Servers rolling stainless steel carts take six months to a year to earn a medal, signifying the completion of training to cut the perfect slice of prime rib at Lawry’s. Photo courtesy of Lawy’s The Prime Rib.

With California fully reopening on June 15, many restaurants are poised to drop capacity limits and masks. Good Food looks at the idea of hospitality, starting with longtime server Tiffany Coty at Lawry’s. Essayist and activist Priya Basil describes the roots of the word “hospitality” and the notion of give and take in and outside of the industry. Journalist Simran Sethi details two cases that the U.S. Supreme Court will decide on, which hold “Big Chocolate” accountable for child labor abuses in the cocoa supply chain. Peter Bahlawanian has a primer for making root beer at home. Dan Pucci and Craig Cavallo share the history of cider. Finally, cherries come to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market.



Evan Kleiman