Rearing its pointy head at the market: Conehead cabbage

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Reminiscent of their Saturday Night Live family counterparts, conehead cabbage makes their appearance at the market. Photo by Gillian Ferguson.

Market correspondent Gillian Ferguson returns to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market where winter produce is in full swing. Co-owners of De La Nonna, Patrick Costa and Jose Cordon discuss the preferred way they are using conehead cabbage at the restaurant. The cabbage has tender leaves that require a slow, low braise. They are cooking it al cartoggio (in its own envelope), using rosemary and oregano as aromatics, and serving it with brown butter-caper vinaigrette and boquerones (Spanish anchovies). Next, Alex Weiser demystifies conehead cabbage, which he started growing a few years ago. In Europe, they are used primarily in sauerkraut and impart a sweetness. He is offering a purple and green variety of cabbage.



  • Patrick Costa - De La Nonna and Alex Weiser of Weiser Family Farms


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