Low-alcohol cocktails, delivery app quandary, halloumi

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Low-alcohol spirits are put in the spotlight in Natasha David’s new book, “Drink Lightly.” Photo by Kristin Teig.

Natasha David found inspiration in her mother’s white wine spritzers to create low-alcohol cocktails with a happy buzz. Lauren Lemos of Wax Paper took to social media to air grievances about the predatory practices of online delivery apps. Vanessa Cecena helped compile a behemoth of a cookbook celebrating Mexican food.Soraya Kishtwari was innocently reporting on the Cyprian cheese halloumi when she discovered a world of geopolitics and regional pride. Uyen Le is striving for equity and sustainability at her Vietnamese restaurant, Bé Ù. Finally, David Tanis is fanatical about asparagus while shopping at the farmer’s market.