‘In the Weeds’: a family empire built on masa

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Tacos are life in LA and every great taco starts with a great tortilla. Good Food’s annual Tortilla Contest has taught eaters that supermarket brands will always be trumped by a homemade dark, yellow corn or fluffy flour version from a tortilleria. Great tortillas are made across Southern California, but those from La Princesita, started by Francisco Ramirez in 1972, tower above most. Monica Ramirez and Enrique Rodriguez tell us about their family empire built on masa in this week’s “In the Weeds.”

La Princesita has been making tortillas in East Los Angeles since 1972. Photo courtesy of La Princesita.

Monica, Mavel, and Mayra Ramirez. Monica took the reins of the family business after their father passed away two years ago. Photo courtesy of the Ramirez family.



Evan Kleiman