Seedless and easy to peel, pixies are back at the market

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Market correspondent Gillian Ferguson catches up with Emily Thacher of Friend’s Ranch at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. Thacher’s family has been growing the Ojai pixie tangerine for generations. Easy to peel and seedless, the low acid fruit is a favorite among children. Hot summer days and cool nights with coastal influence make the conditions in Ojai, known as “the Napa of citrus,” perfect for growing. Next, Rustic Canyon chef Andy Doubrava is pairing carrots and endive with the Ojai pixie for a salad. He saves their skins to toss with salt and sugar, sitting them in a fridge for a few weeks to make a puree for sauces. 

Emily Thacher’s family has been growing pixies in Ojai for generations. Photo courtesy of Emily Thacher Ayala.



Evan Kleiman